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John had a long and distinguished career in business, and had a lifelong passion for pipes as he followed the family into the briar pipe manufacturing trade. John James Adler, 16 September – 18 March He held numerous senior posts, including that of Chairman for a wide range of organizations such as Cadogan Investments Ltd. Canada ; Baden P. John was a supporter of many charities and a very generous anonymous benefactor to many organisations, including the NPA. He arranged for a number of important items connected with the trade to be deposited with the NPA. His own collection encompassed fine pipes from around the world in a variety of materials as well as trade catalogues and other ephemera connected with the industry. Generous to the last, John made arrangements for some of this material to be left to the NPA, where it will provide a lasting legacy in remembrance of this quiet and unassuming man for whom pipes were such an important part of his life.

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These analyses, combined with palaeotemperature estimates from the Mutual Ostracod Temperate Range method, confirm that deposition of the fossiliferous deposits coincided with interglacial conditions, with similar-to- or warmer-than-present summer temperatures and colder winters, providing a suggestion of greater continentality. OSL and amino-acid racemisation support correlation of the interglacial with MIS 9, whereas the climatic and sedimentological evidence points to correlation with the earliest and warmest substage MIS 9e.

There is also evidence that a greater part of the Purfleet sequence might date from the interglacial, although whether these also represent MIS 9e or later parts of the complex stage cannot be determined.

I was gifted my father’s pipes at the time (he had switched to cigars in the early ’60’s), some fine English pipes (Charatan’s Make Supreme and Selected, Barling’s Make Fossil, Comoy’s Blue Riband) a Stanwell, and a few others.

All of our pipes are made of high quality block meerschaum from Eskisehir, Turkey. If you have the time, feel free to search around but we know you will come back to us. We are located in the US and every pipe is in stock. Almost all orders are shipped within one business day. We ship to almost all countries. Each pipe is pictured individually. You will receive the exact pipe you see Excluding calabash pipes which are very similar.


Unlike Dunhill, which dated its pipes so as to enforce its one-year guarantee, Charatan refused to worry about when a particular pipe was made. A Charatan pipe was replaced if it failed–no matter how old it was or how it had been treated-so there was no need to date the pipes. The way to date Charatan pipes is to be aware of the minor changes that were made during the years that Charatan was in business.

With a bit of information as to the dates of some markings and stem changes, I introduce this approximate dating guide. A lot of these dates are going to be “about” or approximately,” and I am only able to cover the times from the mid s to the sale by Dunhill to J. My information is approximate because I do not have access to factory records.

U.S. Copyright Office Section Electronic – Notice of Intention to Obtain a Compulsory License for Making and Distributing Phonorecords [(d)(1)].

Investigators said the fire was caused when welding sparks ignited a tarp covering an exterior wall of the 58, square-foot Blank Honors Center. There were no reports of civilian injuries, but two firefighters were injured during the three hour battle to control the blaze. Extent of the injuries was not immediately available. The botany and chemistry buildings also were cleared and police also closed several downtown streets to traffic.

Several area fire departments were called to the scene about Man died in east Cork accident The HSA is investigating the death of a year-old man who was killed in an industrial accident in east Cork today. The man, who is believed to have been from Youghal, was working at a garage at Carrigshane in Midleton which specialises in servicing and re-fitting commercial fuel tanks.

The man had been welding a fuel tank when an explosion occurred.

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Some ideas about buying generic briar pipes off of the Internet and specifically eBay. Hope that it helps you avoid lemons, problems and maybe assist in finding some good values and is intended for beginners to intermediate experience. You should know the basics of what to look for in a pipe.

Podcast about pipes, smoking pipes, tobacco, and carving. Pipes for sale by Olie Sylvester.

E’ fatta da Orlik e non gode di ottima stampa. La differenza tra le due miscele balza agli occhi. Tendenzialmente bruno-chiara la Dunhill, molto scuro il Westminster. E nel campo della miscela al latakia, erano Balkan Sobranie e Dunhill, principalmente. Ce n’era per il mattino, la notte. C’erano la Standard mixture nelle tre gradazioni di flavour. C’era il , descritto da molti come la miglior miscela mai prodotta in assoluto.

E poi, secondo me un po’ nel ruolo di cenerentola, c’era la London Mixture. Era semplicemente buona, ma non mi sono mai molto chiesto buona in che modo.

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Fri Mar 23, I have not tried any of thier ‘bac. I’ve looked on thier site and they look to have some interesting blends for sure Have to say that the days of ‘bac “

THE STAGE AND SOCIETY. SOME thoughts are suggested by the rapidly growing respect and esteem of the world for the art and artists of the stage.

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Smooth briar with a dark walnut stain and rusticated lines which adds style and grip to this quality briar. Hardcastle After Lunch are a high quality real briar pipe, hand made in England. Studying the genealogy of Hardcastle Pipes the one thing that is a common in all of the history regarding hardcastel is that ippes them is “problematic”, especially as WWII was a formative event, negatively speaking, in establishing some sort of historical slope for dating the different models that came out, combined with Dunhill’s completed purchase of all of Hardcastle by But that said, in the text of the discussions what comes out is the phrase “Pre-Cadogan”.

They do not smoke the same as my Pete XL, nor do I expect it of them.

The pipes were sold not only to British officers but to Americans, French, Belgians and Canadians. By the end of the war the Dunhill Pipe, with its “white spot”, was known the world over. Alfred Dunhill’s most revolutionary innovation was the Shell pipe in

The Odyssey of the Oom Paul: If asked, I might say mistaken identity, or questionable; if pressed to testify, I just might say specious, suspect, or speculation. Why am I of this opinion? I never encountered the term Hungarian, per se, in my research on Oom Pauls. When I volunteered to craft a mini-monograph, he willingly accepted, and I enthusiastically complied. As I mined deeper, however, this mini-monograph became a dissertation. Perhaps Ollie expected that I would offer the Society the time of day, but I ended up building a watch.

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet

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Barling 4 1 -, George, , and , his wife, late the wife of Thomas Wright, , floor-slab to: Barling 4 1 Assers, Good Easter 2 12 Atkyns, arms: Waltham Holy Corss 2 1 Atkyns, Francis, , floor-slab to: Waltham Holy Cross 2 1 Attnok, or Atenok, Thomas, indent of early 14th-century marginal inscription to:

Another Look at the Barling Transition, where Jon sheds new light on the storied brand, particularly the “Transition” period. Please fine it here, courtesy of Neill Archer Roan’s, A Passion For Pipes blog.

Very Full Pleasant to Tolerable Grouse-Moor is a very often maligned tobacco and this is simply not fair. It is a carefully produced blend of the finest ingredients and a consistent blending tradition going back over two hundred years. I would proffer that the reason so many would thumb their noses at it is because it is the sort of blend that we serious pipemen are told to shy away from because it is not laden with manly amounts of Latakia or smoky stoved Virginia. For my part, Grouse-Moor is one of my favorite tobaccos, representing, as it does, the pinnacle of one of the most venerable traditions in the realm of tobacco, that of the English Lakeland.

Only the finest steamed and stoved bright Virginia is employed, cut into deliciously long ribbons that pack easily and are perfect for slow, relaxed puffing. It is the top casing that truly defines Grouse-Moor, and the sauce used is the very best blend of essences of any that are employed for Lakeland-style aromatics, managing to be floral and herbal and fruity in delicate balance all at the same time.

The essence used by Samuel Gawith is a secret blend of all natural components known only to one employee of that historic blending house. I can recall the time that I visited the factory in Kendal and the reverence with which the bottle of Grouse-Moor essence was brought out to be sprinkled onto a batch of leaf to fulfill my request for a pound of Grouse-Moor direct from the factory floor.

Oddly, to me, at least, it is the extra flavoring that people seem to dislike in this blend. The few people that like Grouse-Moor here have attempted to justify it by saying that it has been around for so long that it must be good. I believe there is more to it than that.

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