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Malcolm Webster tried kill second wife on honeymoon 20 May The jury took less than four hours to convict Webster following the longest criminal trial with a single accused in Scottish legal history. Webster claimed his first wife’s death was a tragic accident and denied the charges against him, but the jury of nine women and six men found him unanimously guilty of the murder. Webster sat still and showed little emotion in court as the guilty verdicts were announced. On the day he killed his first wife, Webster coldly told people who stopped to help at the crash scene that no one was inside the Daihatsu 4×4 vehicle before it was engulfed in flames. Petrol cans were also stacked in the back of the vehicle. Webster was previously spotted in a field looking at the area where Ms Morris would later die. Webster, who went on trial on February 1, told police in that he swerved to avoid a motorcyclist and crashed.

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From Ealing campus public institution of higher education serving eight localities in the The localities are the counties of Clarke 13 aug after mark – argon dating is a technique used to determine the age of rocks uk Student Dating Site.

They were the result of incredible advances in engineering and innovation as new, powerful civilizations emerged and came to dominate the ancient world. These advances stimulated societies to adopt new ways of living and governance, as well as new ways of understanding their world. However, many ancient inventions were forgotten, lost to the pages of history, only to be re-invented millennia later.

Here we feature ten of the best examples of ancient technology and inventions that demonstrate the ingenuity of our ancient ancestors. The ancient invention of the steam engine by the Hero of Alexandria Heron Alexandrinus, otherwise known as the Hero of Alexandria, was a 1 st century Greek mathematician and engineer who is known as the first inventor of the steam engine. His steam powered device was called the aeolipile, named after Aiolos, God of the winds.

The aeolipile consisted of a sphere positioned in such a way that it could rotate around its axis. Nozzles opposite each other would expel steam and both of the nozzles would generate a combined thrust resulting in torque, causing the sphere to spin around its axis. The rotation force sped up the sphere up to the point where the resistance from traction and air brought it to a stable rotation speed.

The steam was created by boiling water under the sphere — the boiler was connected to the rotating sphere through a pair of pipes that at the same time served as pivots for the sphere. Is the Assyrian Nimrud lens the oldest telescope in the world? The Nimrud lens is a 3, year-old piece of rock crystal, which was unearthed by Sir John Layard in at the Assyrian palace of Nimrud, in modern-day Iraq. The Nimrud lens also called the Layard lens is made from natural rock crystal and is a slightly oval in shape.

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Hitting it sober, from Indian depths to global ground. Some quotes … and anecdotes. British mathematician, logician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead: Lin Yutang, Chinese scholar and author: The jewel was tested and found to be glass, but intriguingly it is older than the earliest Egyptian civilization.

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The streamliner tipped over when it passed over a rut in the track as it was being towed to the start line. Triumph said rain meant it was not possible to create the required-consistency across the mile course necessary to undertake the attempt. A mile into the run the machine lost traction on the damp surface, veering off the steered path and tipping over on the course. Martin was confirmed to be “completely uninjured” and the record attempt was postponed once more. Public perception and critical reception[ edit ] Reviewing Closer to the Edge, his breakthrough appearance, [1] [2] Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian said: He had previously visited the museum in

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The thug tried to yank her victim, pictured, off her seat on a bench in the sports hall- using only her hair. Two young girls pleaded with the bully to stop. The bully pummelled her victim with punches and kicks, reducing her to tears But the pupil didn’t seem deterred by this and continued to use both fists to punch her victim for another minute.

The footage was posted on Twitter yesterday, with the caption: Locked a girl in the PE hall and battered her. One Twitter user said: Locked a girl in the PE hall and battered her’.

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The bomber demands a larger ransom of. Speed is a American action thriller film directed by Jan de Bont in his feature film directorial debut. Jack and Mac head to Pershing Square to drop the ransom into a waste can. Realizing he has been fooled, Payne poses as a police officer and seizes Annie and the money.

Jack removes the vest from Annie, but she is still handcuffed. Screenwriter Graham Yost was told by his father, Canadian television host Elwy Yost, about a film called Runaway Train starring Jon Voight, about a train that speeds out of control.

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This was back in the days just prior to the completion and issue of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code , when much of the background material was then placed online, but has slowly evaporated over the years so I can no longer refer to the legal sources that were then made available. However, it was not built for that purpose, and dates from World War II, when it was used as a centre which handled reports from outlying radar stations, as a Sector Operation Centre. Sad to say I never visited this site, like many that were easy to get to, I just never made the time.

Inverness — Highland Emergency Centre Raigmore Highland Council is now divesting itself of the site and its responsibility for the abandoned facility. The subterranean property in the Raigmore area of Inverness was upgraded in the s during the Cold War. The enhancements included a capability to protect those inside from a nuclear, biological or chemical attack. Highland Council, which owns the site, has offered bids for the bunker.

A closing date on 6 December has been set for offers for the property, which is close to Inverness city centre. This view of the former mounded filter room with the then current emergency planning admin block to the left — image courtesy of our friends at Subterranea Britannica. Inverness Bunker Via Sub-Brit.

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As a county bounded by the River Thames, water fowl are obviously endemic to the locality and swans are common, so the emblem is certainly a meaningful and representative one. The specific design of the flag however is based upon the arms used by the Buckinghamshire County Council, which in turn are evidently derived from heraldic badges variously borne by local nobility, in the post Anglo-Saxon era.

This is the form used on the Buckinghamshire flag. The swan emblem appears to have originated with a man bearing the Danish name of Sweyn, grandfather of one Henry of Essex, a 12th century Sheriff of Buckingham. While this is an early linkage of the swan emblem with the county town, it was a family badge, a similar heraldic device to a coat of arms and was used wherever the family was resident or active. The swan badge came to the Mandeville family through marriage and inheritance and then when the last male Mandeville died in passed to the de Bohun family through the same process.

Residents of a housing estate got a surprise visit after a huge Virgin hot air balloon landed behind their houses. The huge red balloon was something of an unusual sight as it began descending.

Would you model your house on a favourite book? In the 19th century, Lord Francis Jeffrey, the owner at the time, would host artistic retreats for the literary giants with leapfrog on the lawn and sumptuous soirees. The castle became a centre of cultural gatherings, inspiring English poet Gerald Massey to write one of his most accomplished poems — Craigcrook Castle. It is an inspirational building with an amazing history, on the market for the first time in nearly three hundred years.

Originally built in by William Adamson, it was transferred through several owners before John Strachan, Writer to the Signet, acquired the property. He then left it to the Craigcrook Mortification Trust in The earlier building was a typical Scottish z-plan, where each tower protects two faces of the house. Additions and changes over the centuries have obscured this design while adding extra living space.


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