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A cop’s troubling past. And a possible cover-up. It looked like the Pontiac Grand Prix was trying to avoid police. Officer Scott Clayton ran the plates. The car was wanted. Clayton radioed for backup. The Pontiac turned down West 85th. The path was blocked by Car No. This was their second day of working together.

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This home, my dream home, was not your typical real estate deal and he helped me navigate the new waters as well as manage my emotions during the process. I would recommend him as he is patient, We looked on both the east and west side of Cleveland and he had a great feel for the market and the neighborhoods we were looking at.

Oct 09,  · CLEVELAND, Ohio — With Monday’s American League Division Series sweep at the hands of the Houston Astros, the Cleveland Indians have now lost nine straight games when facing elimination in the.

About two-thirds of Slovenia is located in the Alps, the remaining third gradually melts into the Pannonian Plains. Correspondingly, the climate of tiny Slovenia is Mediterranean along the Adriatic Sea, alpine in the mountains, and continental Central European in the plains. Bordering on Italy to the west, Austria to the north, Hungary to the east, and Croatia to the south, Slovenia has a population of just a little over two million.

In , about 92 percent of the population are Slovenians. Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion. The flag consists of three equal horizontal stripes—from top to bottom—of white, blue, and red with a blue and white sky and mountain coat of arms in the upper left side corner. The capital is Ljubljana. The official language is Slovenian. Milan Kucan has been the president since Slovenians, the westernmost Slavic people, have always been geographically and culturally a part of Central Europe rather than of the Balkans.

Outside of Slovenia, significant Slovenian communities live in Italy and Austria, and a small community exists in Hungary. Slovenia is sometimes confused with Slavonia a region in Croatia or Slovakia.

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Bucyrus is the bratwurst capital, in Zanesville its pottery and in Cambridge — elegant glass. Over the years, sub-cultures and traditions are built along with whatever the factories are spitting out. Original glass is still produced in Cambridge. You can witness it up close and personal. And what a treat it is to see molten globs of liquid glass hammered and shaped into delightful pieces that will be displayed with pride by its eventual owner.

Cambridge glass has been the toast of the town for more than years.

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The F series would go on to define American railroading for years and you can still see it in regular use today, over 60 years after it first debuted! The FT was a serious locomotive and although its 2, horsepower came from an A-B setup of cab A and booster B units rated at 1, horsepower each it would become embraced by the rail industry for the efficiencies it held over steam power as well as being rugged and easy to maintain. Following the success of its cab units, EMD realized that there was a market to be made in the road-switchers, which at the time was mostly dominated by Alco with its RS series.

Its first attempt at this type of locomotive, which gave the train crews both excellent vision all around the locomotive for switching and local service as well as enough horsepower to be used in main line operations, was the BL2. Although unsuccessful from a sales standpoint the BL2 was really a mere stepping-stone for its next model, the GP series meaning General Purpose.

Built only between and , the model came in the standard GP configuration of four-axles and it carried 1, horsepower. A total of 59 BL2s were built, naturally making them very rare today! Having said that, a number of them survive and at least two are still operational; one, on the West Virginia Central in West Virginia and the other on The Stourbridge Line in Pennsylvania.

The first of the GP series was the four-axle, GP7, which began production in

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Blaine of Maine for president on the fourth ballot. Blaine’s nomination alienated many Republicans who viewed Blaine as ambitious and immoral. Tilden was the initial front-runner, having been the party’s nominee in the contested election of

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An anti-Blaine cartoon presents him as the “tattooed man,” with many indelible scandals. An anti-Cleveland cartoon highlights the Halpin scandal. Blaine of Maine for president on the fourth ballot. Blaine’s nomination alienated many Republicans who viewed Blaine as ambitious and immoral. Tilden was the initial front-runner, having been the party’s nominee in the contested election of Bayard of Delaware , Allen G. Thurman of Ohio , Samuel Freeman Miller of Iowa , and Benjamin Butler of Massachusetts also had considerable followings, along with various favorite sons.

Bayard had spoken in favor of secession in , making him unacceptable to Northerners; Butler, conversely, was reviled throughout the South for his actions during the Civil War ; Thurman was generally well liked, but was growing old and infirm, and his views on the silver question were uncertain.

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Cleveland Indians Professional baseball in Cleveland dates back to the s and the modern-day Indians franchise was born in In the years previous, dating back to the club’s entrance into the American League in , the team held such colorful nicknames as the Bluebirds, Broncos and Naps. The park, which opened in and originally held the name Jacobs Field, made news headlines for hosting straight sold-out games between the and seasons, a record that stood until trumped by the Boston Red Sox in Located in downtown Cleveland adjacent to Quicken Loans Arena, home of the NBA’s Cavaliers, Progressive Field is known for its uniquely shaped light towers, Heritage Park honoring the team’s all-time greats and foot fence in left field.

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One of the principal changes was the shift from a predominantly agricultural economy to a much more industrialized one. This change also brought stark social changes to the state. Now millions of Ohioans relied on other people — business owners — for their livelihood. Many Ohioans believed that the business owners had undue influence over the government and that the employers had no desire to relinquish any power to middle and working-class Americans. By the start of the twentieth century, a group of reformers, known as the Progressives, emerged to combat some of the ill effects of these changes.

Most Progressives came from middle-class backgrounds. Many of them were college educated. Progressives generally believed that industrialization was good for the United States, but they also contended that human greed had grown to outweigh the overall benefits of industrialization.

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The Indians first played at the stadium, which seated nearly 80, people for baseball, for the and seasons, but returned to smaller League Park for most games in From to , they played weekend and holiday games at Cleveland Stadium, and eventually night games and other dates where larger crowds were expected, moving to the stadium full-time in Cleveland Stadium was the largest stadium in the American League during its tenure as a baseball facility and was the largest stadium in Major League Baseball for all but a few seasons.

However, during the team’s lean years from the s through the early s, even crowds of 40, people were swallowed up in the environment.

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After years the Eastern Roman Empire has finally reached its end, shutting Europe’s door to the East. October 2; first French contact with Wyandots in the vicinity of the great town of Hochelaga, site of the present Montreal. Wyandots and related tribes may number between 30, and 45, , with two of the largest, the Attignousntan and the Attigneenongnahac, joined in a confederacy. Already at war with other Iroquoian tribes, the Wyandots begin to move west.

The brutal behavior of the Spanish has a devastating effect on the tribes of the southeast; perhaps coincidently, Mississippian culture enters a rapid decline. He is buried in the Mississippi at night to hide his death from the Indians. His elder half-sister Mary I becomes Queen of England. Her younger half-sister Elizabeth I becomes Queen of England. Beginning of the “Great Peace.

The four nations are at the height of their power in Ouendake the French Huronia , with 16 towns between Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay in central Ontario. Capital of the confederacy is the town of Ossossane on Nottawasaga Bay. Ottawa to Wyandot to Iroquois fur trade flourishes, supported by Wyandot agricultural surplus. South of the Hurons is a second, smaller Wyandot confederacy, the Tionontate, called Petun by the French.

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